Faithbook Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Finland - 10th International TED Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Iso Kirja, Finland


27.7.–3.8.2010, Iso Kirja, Keuruu, Finland

Market Day Miracle

God is good!

That is the conclusion of friday at the Camporee. Weather forecasts told that there will be rain at 15 o’clock which would have ruined our Market Day. Rain came two hours before predicted and poured over the camp making us unhappy because it seemed to be a waste of time to prepare for the market. The miracle (or prayer answer) was that the rain ended just on time before the market was opened.

Clouds were breaking and sun begun shining so you can be sure that there were many thankful thoughts raised to our Lord who gave us a quite pleasant day and let us to experience a miracle. Central Finland, where also Keuruu is situated was hit by a storm felling trees over the roads etc. But we never saw signs of the storm. Only wind gusts were stronger than before.

What a Mighty God we have!