Faithbook Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Finland - 10th International TED Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Iso Kirja, Finland


27.7.–3.8.2010, Iso Kirja, Keuruu, Finland

Weather preparedness

A summer week in Finland can be a week of indian summer with pleasant suntanning, shivering cool week of summer rain and everything between. The two things we don’t have during the summer are: darkness and polarbears. Well, you don’t find those last named during the finnish winter, either ;-)

What can summer in Finland offer you? Light nights when you don’t need a torch, mosquitos, horse flies, warm swimming waters in general, exuberant forests and a lot of other things.

You should equip yourself with these: sleep mask, if you aren’t sure that you can sleep through a finnish summer night, insect repellent, perhaps a headnet (don’t forget to check the net of your tent), raingear, at least one set of warm clothing, sunshield, sunglasses and a headscarf/cap/hat. Having these with you one can enjoy a week of Camporee without a grief.