Faithbook Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Finland - 10th International TED Pathfinder Camporee 2010, Iso Kirja, Finland


27.7.–3.8.2010, Iso Kirja, Keuruu, Finland

Mosquito reminder

Summer 2010 in Finland seems to be quite normal with mosquitos. Somebody even thinks that there has been extra much of them (personally I do not share this opinion). Towards the end of July a whole lot of them have died…but not all, so for sure there will be mosquitos during the Camporee. This should not to be afraid of.

It is advisable to take with you a mosquito headned, mosquito repellent and to be sure that net in your tent does not have a hole for mosquitos to come in. And if you run out of repellent during the camp you can buy more at the kiosk.

Remember this: We are not letting the mosquitos to ruin our Camp!

Added on July 15th:
Some researchers say that the extremely warm period (more than 34°C) we have had in Finland may cause that late summer will be pleasant with less mosquitos. This sounds good, but I will still have repellents with me.